Location-Aware Industrial IoT

Mine Safety and Productivity

Location-Aware Industrial IoT


Location-Aware Industrial IoT

Livestock Health

Location-Aware Industrial IoT

Location Running: Business Insights 24/7

Collision Avoidance

Prevent accidents between vehicles, between vehicles and people and vehicles and assets. Significantly reduce the number of fatalities and avoid material damage as a result of accidents

Safety Zones

Protect operators of heavy machinery who need to stay close to their equipment while operating it with a remote control

Real-Time Tracking

Obtain visibility of the whereabouts of people, machines and material throughout your operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

360° Edge Analytics

Automatically obtain insight into your business processes. Understand what happens and in what sequence. Start optimizing your processes based on real data

Featured Products

Location-Aware IoT Sensors

Any Sensor | Any Radio

  • Smart IoT Building Blocks
  • Fastest Time to Market
  • Standard API
  • Standard Pin-Out

360° Edge Analytics

Catalyst for Digital Transformation

  • Actionable Insights
  • Sensor and Location Data Analytics
  • Automatic Event Detection
  • Data Acquisition